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Application provides a functionality to calculate and post the consumption based on the actual or predefined output.

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Application provides a functionality to calculate and post the consumption based on the actual or predefined output.

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Automatic Consumption Calculation and Posting will be set up as an extension on a On-Premise or Cloud Business Central system and provides an ability to set up an process where prouction steps specified by user can be reported automatically by system using predefined rules. This extension is recommended for production setup with multiple levels / steps of components.

Extension allows user to select process steps where we do not want to or are not able to register the actual consumption for specific production step - for example due to missing weighing equipment and cofigure the Business central to run a background task to post the consumption using either the estimated quantity from production order component line or calculate the quantity what should have been consumed based on the already posted output quantity of the current production order. User can also set up the process step (Production BOM) in such way, that only some of the component lines are automatically posted while other lines must be reported manually by shop floor workers.

The difference between the functionality provided by this extension and the standard Forward or backward flushing methods is, that standard methods use always the expected quantities to consume from Production order Component Line but our extension makes the calculation of the quantity what had to be consumed in order to produce the output quantity what has been posted before and makes the consumption posting for only this - calculated - quantity

The second feature of the extension is an ability to set up the process in a way that before automated posting the consumed quantity, the extension will make sure that the quantity to be consumed actually exists in the componant location. If not, then the extension can be set up to create an additional production order for the consumed component item and also post the missing quantity as output. This allowes to correct possible mistakes done by shop floor workers without constant envolvment on managerial level and is mostly used in manufacturing environments where the production inputs and outputs anre not absolutely precise and small deviations are commonplace (food, beverages, some chemistry etc..)

If the automatic creation of outputs is not set up or there are missing components what have to be purchased, then the consumption can not be automatically posted and the list of missing component quantities can be examined using special page provided by the extension. Responsible people should check the page periodically in order to make decisions base on the data provided there.

Extension does also have facilities to set up lot number creation for those production orders what are created automatically. Also the process of lot usage for consumption posting can be set up using various parameters.

Business Central Edition
  • Premium

Additional Extensions Required
  • Aptus Group Licensing

Trial period
  • 3 months

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